2020 – Les experts iOS sur Twitter (Updated)

RocketSkill, illustration de Twitter et d'Apple

Twitter est une source incroyable d’informations. C’est même la source numéro une des développeurs : pour se tenir à jour de l’actualité et pour partager avec les communautés.

Voici les 100 comptes Twitter que je conseillerai de suivre quand on est un développeur iOS. Pour plus de détails sur la sélection vous pouvez aller voir à la fin de l’article.

1 Twitter profile image for clattner_llvm clattner_llvm (Chris Lattner)- Compilers live at the intersection of developer experience, high performance computing, and machine learning.. (followers: 56620)
2 Twitter profile image for mattt mattt (Mattt)- Founder of @flightdotschool and @NSHipster. Writer and developer living in Portland, Oregon.. (followers: 35259)
3 Twitter profile image for NatashaTheRobot NatashaTheRobot (NatashaTheRobot)- Addicted to learning. #iOS Engineer and robot. Currently learning #Swift. @tryswiftnyc @tryswiftconf organizer. @swift_jobs.. (followers: 30542)
4 Twitter profile image for johnsundell johnsundell (John Sundell)- Creator of @swiftbysundell, co-host of @stacktracepod, Swift developer, avid prototyper and amateur chef 👨‍💻👨‍🔬👨‍🍳 Contact me: https://t.co/RQX8OqLbbJ. (followers: 28966)
5 Twitter profile image for chriseidhof chriseidhof (Chris)- Founder of https://t.co/2nSoJ3v9Vg. (followers: 25129)
6 Twitter profile image for ericasadun ericasadun (ericasadun)- geek girl and brood. (followers: 21769)
7 Twitter profile image for olebegemann olebegemann (Ole Begemann)- Co-author of Advanced Swift: https://t.co/0SIDRzqayJ. Unicode enthusiast.. (followers: 21768)
8 Twitter profile image for khanlou khanlou (soroush)- the json don. (followers: 6429)
9 Twitter profile image for NSHipster NSHipster (NSHipster)- A journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa. Updated weekly.. (followers: 33443)
10 Twitter profile image for ayanonagon ayanonagon (Ayaka Nonaka)- [ios brewer, tea engineer] shortcuts @Apple, previously @WorkflowHQ @venmo ↯ 日本語: @ayanonagon_jp. (followers: 18008)
11 Twitter profile image for objcio objcio (objc.io)- Best practices and advanced techniques for iOS and macOS development. (followers: 32961)
12 Twitter profile image for steipete steipete (Peter Steinberger)- Founder of @PSPDFKit. We build @pdfviewerapp. Co-organizer @cocoaheads_at. Speaker. I tweet about iOS hacks & running a remote company. Also, memes! [he/him⚣]. (followers: 29061)
13 Twitter profile image for jckarter jckarter (Joe Groff)- Swift emotional support dog doing his best to be a good boy. (followers: 15355)
14 Twitter profile image for gregheo gregheo (Greg Heo)- Canadian human in California. Puppies, photography, programming. Camera & Photos team @ Apple .. (followers: 13028)
15 Twitter profile image for aligatr aligatr (Olivier Halligon)- iOS devops/tooling. Swift lover. OSS contributor (CocoaPods, fastlane). Author of OHHTTPStubs, SwiftGen, Reusable… Speaker. Blogger. Whovian & Sherlockian. (followers: 4607)
16 Twitter profile image for SwiftLang SwiftLang (Swift Language)- Open source at https://t.co/XgOe8uBWvq. (followers: 54680)
17 Twitter profile image for icanzilb icanzilb (Marin Todorov)- Working on  dev tooling. Author on https://t.co/7GqII2zyOx. More: https://t.co/47OJZAQ1gJ. Personal account, opinions are own. (followers: 9534)
18 Twitter profile image for daveverwer daveverwer (Dave Verwer)- Freelance/independent iOS developer and author of iOS Dev Weekly (https://t.co/ajFaeMZoMa). (followers: 24138)
19 Twitter profile image for KrauseFx KrauseFx (Felix Krause)- R&D at Root – Creator of https://t.co/k5gVM2voId & https://t.co/afLDbWUELg (previously @google @twitter) – what’s code signing again?. (followers: 22975)
20 Twitter profile image for simjp simjp (JP Simard)- @lyft (prev @realm), cohost of @swift_unwrapped, runner, jazzman, he/him. (followers: 7436)
21 Twitter profile image for ashfurrow ashfurrow (Ash Furrow in name only, for I am neither)- Compassionate software developer with @ArtsyOpenSource. Stubbornly Canadian. He/him.. (followers: 16693)
22 Twitter profile image for _Caro_N _Caro_N (Ⓒⓐⓡⓞ @36C3)- iOS Developer, currently hacking on Netflix, ex , also VLC for iOS contributor and organizing @appbuilders_ch & @swiftalps. Opinions belong to my imaginary 🦄. (followers: 8394)
23 Twitter profile image for vixentael vixentael (vixentael 🥂🌴🥭)- Head of customer solutions @cossacklabs. Applied cryptography, security architecture, OSS, speaker, tutor, ex mobile dev. She. Part of @wwcodekyiv @nonameconorg. (followers: 7195)
24 Twitter profile image for rwenderlich rwenderlich (raywenderlich.com)- We are a friendly and supportive community of mobile developers. We love to learn and share our knowledge with the world! https://t.co/VkDBB6W1QL. (followers: 72811)
25 Twitter profile image for davedelong davedelong (Dave DeLong)- Swift Artist & Principal iOS Engineer @ Teem by WeWork. (followers: 10825)
26 Twitter profile image for AirspeedSwift AirspeedSwift (Ben Cohen)- thwart leader. (followers: 10769)
27 Twitter profile image for NeoNacho NeoNacho (🎄🧠 as a service)- Just here for lunch🍴. (followers: 6292)
28 Twitter profile image for _inside _inside (Guilherme Rambo)- App developer, speaker, tinkerer. @chibistudioapp @airbuddyapp @stacktracepod. (followers: 50562)
29 Twitter profile image for twostraws twostraws (Paul Hudson)- Creator of Hacking with Swift, author of books about iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, public speaker, Rubik’s cube enthusiast, and herder of my kids. (He/him). (followers: 31016)
30 Twitter profile image for floriankugler floriankugler (Florian Kugler)- Swift Talk https://t.co/y6wDpLJmul. (followers: 14625)
31 Twitter profile image for krstnfx krstnfx (Kristina Fox 🦊)- Staff iOS Engineer @Intuit. Int’l tech speaker. Blogs about iOS & watchOS dev at https://t.co/HQ6ZE5Onl9. Has nightmares about deleting derived data. #womenintech. (followers: 11123)
32 Twitter profile image for jesse_squires jesse_squires (Jesse Squires)- all tweets opinions of my former employers • programming • iOS • opensource • bikes • running • hardcore/punk • no gods no masters • he/him • https://t.co/3jsuiINskj. (followers: 10656)
33 Twitter profile image for cocoawithlove cocoawithlove (Matt Gallagher)- Mac/iOS Swift programmer.. (followers: 11401)
34 Twitter profile image for nnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn (Nate Cook ☃️)- Swift, mostly. He/him. #BlackLivesMatter #DreamActNow. (followers: 7824)
35 Twitter profile image for cocoaphony cocoaphony (Rob Napier)- Swift and Go. Love ’em both. They make me mad in completely different ways. Infosec as required. https://t.co/apKtpf65fh. (followers: 7084)
36 Twitter profile image for greg3z greg3z (Greg Lhotellier)- iOS developer agent & @AltConf Paris / @SwiftPRS / @cocoaheadsparis organizer. (followers: 1019)
37 Twitter profile image for merowing_ merowing_ (Krzysztof Zabłocki)- I try to make life easier for iOS devs. Creator of Sourcery, Playgrounds, Apple Essential apps like @foldify, 3D Engines and much more. Lead iOS at @nytimes. (followers: 15226)
38 Twitter profile image for mikeash mikeash (mikeash)- Wizard without portfolio. (followers: 10009)
39 Twitter profile image for designatednerd designatednerd (Ellen Shapiro)- I never shut up about iOS and Android development. Hitting the iOS SDK with a stick at @apollographql. She/Her. Tech here, sports/TV/music over at @loudguitars. (followers: 7310)
40 Twitter profile image for dimsumthinking dimsumthinking (dimsumthinking)- Dad, husband, and storyteller…Podcaster,writer and editor.. (followers: 5575)
41 Twitter profile image for stroughtonsmith stroughtonsmith (Steve Troughton-Smith)- I build games, make apps, and hack things ⚣ Husband. If you like my work, please help out my Patreon 🙏 https://t.co/z46SS1c3IA. (followers: 72985)
42 Twitter profile image for orta orta (./orta –tsc)- Easing the learning of @typescript at @microsoft. Lol @FlappyRoyale. Ex-OSS by default @ArtsyOpenSource – Did @CocoaPods – Paranoid with @DangerSystems – He/Him. (followers: 17577)
43 Twitter profile image for tkremenek tkremenek (Ted Kremenek)- Manager of the Languages and Runtimes team at Apple (Swift, C++, Objective-C). Member of Swift Core Team.. (followers: 11111)
44 Twitter profile image for krzyzanowskim krzyzanowskim (Marcin Krzyzanowski)- The fewer facts I know, the more confidently tweet. https://t.co/crvF08IyY1 community procrastinator. https://t.co/YPJ0H2GQCK https://t.co/s9JhIJroBC https://t.co/hy5pvH5mvW. (followers: 8692)
45 Twitter profile image for Sommer Sommer (Sommer Panage)- @Apple iOS Accessibility. Circus artist/coach. ❤️ roller coasters & peanut butter.📱 tweets here. 🎪 at @strangesommer. she/her. (followers: 7936)
46 Twitter profile image for dgregor79 dgregor79 (Doug Gregor)- Dad, husband, Swift language designer and Swift/C++/ObjC compiler implementor, Author, Generic Programming aficionado. He/him.. (followers: 7357)
47 Twitter profile image for fpillet fpillet (Florent Pillet)- iOS, macOS, server and Android freelancer, mobile software veteran, Swift / Kotlin, co-author « Combine » and « RxSwift » books @ RayWenderlich, windsurfing addict. (followers: 2840)
48 Twitter profile image for NSSpain NSSpain (NSSpain 2019)- The all-English conference in Spain for iOS/macOS Developers, by @lascorbe & @borjareinares. September 19-20, 2019. info@nsspain.com. (followers: 4174)
49 Twitter profile image for b3ll b3ll (Adam Bell)- I make synths, interactions, animations, and hack things 🏎 #no #u. (followers: 15262)
50 Twitter profile image for Javi Javi (Javi)- 🔈”Hah-bee ».🤵👰 @BaileyBonet. iOS Swift Engineer 💻 @Twitch. Previously @Twitter @Fabric @Pebble📱. Pilot 🛩. Rubik’s Cubing. F1 sim-racing 🏎. Chess ♟️ He/him. (followers: 10083)
51 Twitter profile image for vasarhelyia vasarhelyia (Agnes Vasarhelyi)- 👩🏻‍💻, 🏕, 📷, 🍵. (followers: 5265)
52 Twitter profile image for Lascorbe Lascorbe (Luis Ascorbe)- Software Dev. Co-founder/organizer @NSSpain. Currently enjoying sabbatical. Prev @wallapop.. (followers: 3003)
53 Twitter profile image for andy_matuschak andy_matuschak (Andy Matuschak)- Wonder, blunder, salve, solve! Working on tools that expand what people can think and do. Past: led R&D @KhanAcademy; helped build iOS @Apple.. (followers: 25347)
54 Twitter profile image for RebeccaSlatkin RebeccaSlatkin (Rebecca Slatkin)- iOS biped, computer forensics dabbler, adjunct professor, distinguished microwaver. Great in humorous portrayal only.. (followers: 17996)
55 Twitter profile image for nicklockwood nicklockwood (Nick Lockwood)- Swift & Obj-C @Lightricks. Author of iOS Core Animation: Advanced Techniques, iCarousel, SwiftFormat, etc. Partly to blame for React Native. Sorry. He/Him.. (followers: 10791)
56 Twitter profile image for _ryannystrom _ryannystrom (Ryan Nystrom)- Mobile at @github, prev @Instagram, creator @IGListKit + @githawk, pilot. (followers: 8323)
57 Twitter profile image for ishabazz ishabazz (Ish)- iOS developer (@CapsicumApp) who supports other independent developers. Formerly CCIE #13055. Check out my story in @AppDocu. #BlackTechTwitter. (followers: 6032)
58 Twitter profile image for meghafon meghafon (Meghan Kane)- budding applied mathematician @FU_Berlin, software dev. 💜:philosophy, systems bio, physics, funk music. past: @soundcloud CS+math @mit, ML lecturer @h_da. (followers: 4669)
59 Twitter profile image for sandofsky sandofsky (Ben Sandofsky)- Developer of @halidecamera and Spectre. Previously: @twitter.. (followers: 21239)
60 Twitter profile image for swiftlybrief swiftlybrief (Swift Weekly Brief)- A community-driven newsletter about @SwiftLang. Started by @jesse_squires and curated by @basthomas. Written by https://t.co/NfjsHzPWwm. Every other Thursday.. (followers: 8613)
61 Twitter profile image for UINT_MIN UINT_MIN (Jordan Rose)- He/him or they/them. Runs @hypertalk_txt (HyperCard nostalgia) and @whatyournamebot (Hamilton joke). Formerly: Swift at Apple. Alt: @private_let_min. (followers: 8179)
62 Twitter profile image for marmelroy marmelroy (Roy Marmelstein)- iOS @Spotify. Open source at https://t.co/8Biohkr81T, ex-@zenlyapp. (followers: 1899)
63 Twitter profile image for realm realm (MongoDB Realm)- Realm is an open-source mobile database ready for Java, Objective-C, React Native, Swift, & Xamarin, and a cloud service (https://t.co/ntxyBPFXVk) for data sync. (followers: 18172)
64 Twitter profile image for harlanhaskins harlanhaskins (Harlan Haskins)- Frameworks at . Parent of @myrobotchild. He/him. (Profile photo by @evatrice.). (followers: 4831)
65 Twitter profile image for terhechte terhechte (Benedikt Terhechte)- #Swift Fanboy, #OSX & #iOS developer. AppleWatch fan. Working At: https://t.co/WbUs4x1nuv. (followers: 4423)
66 Twitter profile image for purpleyay purpleyay (gwendolyn weston)- software detangler that builds mobile apps and writes self-help guides. she/her. (followers: 3982)
67 Twitter profile image for basthomas basthomas (Bas Broek)- « good-idea goldmine ». (followers: 1386)
68 Twitter profile image for mxcl mxcl (Max Howell)- Swift. Open Source. Futurism. Leader. Creator of Homebrew.. (followers: 23463)
69 Twitter profile image for kthomas901 kthomas901 (Kaya Thomas)- iOS developer @calm formerly @slackhq, writer & keynote speaker, creator @wereadtooapp, @dartmouth alum (she/her). (followers: 15089)
70 Twitter profile image for DaveAbrahams DaveAbrahams (Dave Abrahams)- Dad, husband, ki ho’alu-ist, language/library designer, professor of blowing-your-mind. He/him, I guess.. (followers: 6810)
71 Twitter profile image for slava_pestov slava_pestov (Slava Pestov)- Aspiring programmer. (followers: 6674)
72 Twitter profile image for SmileyKeith SmileyKeith (Keith Smiley)- iOS Engineer @Lyft Previously iOS @thoughtbot & Core Team @CocoaPods. (followers: 6521)
73 Twitter profile image for LisaDziuba LisaDziuba (Lisa Dziuba)- Swift Learner & Marketer & @FlawlessAppio co-founder. Part of @CocoaHeadsUA team 🧙‍♀️ 2017 Product Hunt Maker of the Year Runner Up. Techstars London Alumni.. (followers: 6267)
74 Twitter profile image for benjaminencz benjaminencz (Benjamin Encz)- Something new. Prior @PlanGrid, @MakeSchool, https://t.co/UkJ5Tf5zGR. In search of better ways to build software products. Also interested in Economics.. (followers: 2955)
75 Twitter profile image for NachoSoto NachoSoto (Nacho Soto)- 📱’s 2014 App of the Year👨🏻‍✈️ Commercial Pilot & Certified Flight Instructor: @NSAviator. (followers: 6495)
76 Twitter profile image for mbrandonw mbrandonw (Brandon Williams)- Subterranean homesick mathematician. Working on https://t.co/kDrOtF7cf0 Available for hire: https://t.co/Trl8ZuIOBX. (followers: 4134)
77 Twitter profile image for kylefuller kylefuller (Kyle Fuller)- Software Engineering at Apiary — Leading API Blueprint & API Description Formats, parsers and tooling. (followers: 3624)
78 Twitter profile image for segiddins segiddins (Samuel Giddins)- A documentary in the making. He/They.. (followers: 2568)
79 Twitter profile image for a2 a2 (Alexsander Akers)- 🗽 From NYC • 👨🏻‍💻 @Outlook iOS • 🧳 World Traveller • ❤️ @_alexaubry’s future husband • 🐼 Toll-free bridged with @CFPandaRef • 🏳️‍🌈. (followers: 2533)
80 Twitter profile image for nataliya_bg nataliya_bg (Nataliya Patsovska 🇧🇬)- Caring, thinking and talking about software engineering. Currently: writing and testing UI components @iZettle. Ex iOS @Spotify🎵. (followers: 2259)
81 Twitter profile image for chockenberry chockenberry (Craig Hockenberry)- HE WROTE THE FIRST TWITTER APP https://t.co/XzELjguKkw…. (followers: 25662)
82 Twitter profile image for _DavidSmith _DavidSmith (David Smith)- Independent iOS developer. Independent in general.. (followers: 22967)
83 Twitter profile image for danielpunkass danielpunkass (Daniel Jalkut)- Smartass, vegetarian, lifelong punk who runs @redsweater. Co-host of @coreint with Manton Reece. He/him.. (followers: 18652)
84 Twitter profile image for jamesthomson jamesthomson (James Thomson)- Indie iOS / Mac developer, maker of the PCalc scientific calculator. Occasional writer, conference speaker, and podcast pundit.. (followers: 15769)
85 Twitter profile image for iOSDevWeekly iOSDevWeekly (iOS Dev Weekly)- Hand picked, artisanal links from the iOS development community. Note: This account isn’t actively monitored so if you want to talk, ping @daveverwer! 🚀. (followers: 11740)
86 Twitter profile image for twannl twannl (Antoine v.d. SwiftLee 🚀)- 🇳🇱 #iosdev @WeTransfer — Tweeting new stuff about #swiftlang, #iOS and #xcode. — Weekly Swift blogs at https://t.co/UvrrwbwqkM. (followers: 6230)
87 Twitter profile image for macdevnet macdevnet (Steve Scott (Scotty))- OS X / iOS Developer and host of The iDeveloper Podcast. (followers: 5990)
88 Twitter profile image for micheletitolo micheletitolo (Michele Titolo)- Collector of languages. Builder of systems. Speaker. Frequent flyer. Cloud @ Square. “The responsible one” – @segiddins. (followers: 5450)
89 Twitter profile image for krakendev krakendev (Hector 🇵🇷🇪🇨)- Lead Design Tech @DoorDash, ex-@Twitter/@Apple, & @Twitch Affiliate. ADHDer & Big into Overwatch/Smash/Legend of Zelda 💕 https://t.co/6Mcexm6AHZ. (followers: 4236)
90 Twitter profile image for jamesdempsey jamesdempsey (James Dempsey)- Mac and iOS developer, trainer, and songwriter. Front man of James Dempsey and the Breakpoints. Occasional quip vendor.. (followers: 4066)
91 Twitter profile image for gruber gruber (John Gruber)- Raconteur.. (followers: 371168)
92 Twitter profile image for marcoarment marcoarment (Marco Arment)- Husband of renowned podcaster @tiffanyarment.. (followers: 116304)
93 Twitter profile image for Cocoanetics Cocoanetics (Cocoanetics )- iOS Developer, Trainer, Coach, iOS Tech Journalist and Speaker Wannabe. This is the professional account, the personal is @OliverDrobnik (German). (followers: 19717)
94 Twitter profile image for gparker gparker (Greg Parker)- Wizard without portfolio. (followers: 8814)
95 Twitter profile image for alloy alloy (Eloy Durán)- React Native @Microsoft. Author of @CocoaPods. Previously @ArtsyOpenSource, and proud Toddler Leader.. (followers: 5082)
96 Twitter profile image for stephencelis stephencelis (Stephen Celis)- Functionally Swift. Working on @pointfreeco. He/him.. (followers: 2897)
97 Twitter profile image for JaninaKutyn JaninaKutyn (Janina Kutyn)- iOS Developer, ex  | oversharing mother. (followers: 2392)
98 Twitter profile image for mostgood mostgood (Sally Shepard)- iOS developer, Accessibility Evangelist, speaker, and writer. MSc Internet of Things student 👩‍🎓. (followers: 2138)
99 Twitter profile image for abizern abizern (Abizer Nasir)- Contractor  platforms. I like Emacs, Dvorak keyboard nice pens, pun-ctionaI programming. I try to run and draw. Aspire to SDK in Go. 아비자. (followers: 2132)
100 Twitter profile image for KateCastellano KateCastellano (Kate Castellano)- iOS Developer from 🇻🇪 currently in 🇩🇪. Director @WWCodeBerlin, supporter of Women In Tech Communities. 👩🏽‍💻 @clue. (followers: 2100)

En ce début 2020, j’ai décidé de challenger un peu les algorithmes de Twitter et d’améliorer mon flux d’actualités en suivant les personnes les plus « intéressantes » pour iOS.

Étape 1 : Sélectionner des comptes

J’ai choisi 65 comptes de développeurs iOS et dont je connais l’appétence à suivre l’actualité sur Twitter.

Étape 2 : Faire ressortir les experts iOS

Les comptes sélectionnés suivent l’actualité via Twitter, ils suivent de l’actualité techno (notamment iOS) mais pas que. Cependant, le point commun entre tous ces développeurs est la technologie iOS, donc en croisant l’ensemble des personnes qu’ils suivent je devrais obtenir les comptes les plus pertinents et liés à l’actualité iOS.

Étape 3 : Identifier et nettoyer les biais

En effet ! Il existe quelques biais à ce raisonnement. Certains comptes sont suivis par des tech mais apportent peu de choses sur iOS par exemple TimCook » ou » Elon Musk ».

Étape 4 : Se limiter aux 100 premiers

J’ai limité aux 100 premiers, si un compte vous semble manquer ou si vous trouvez que je peux améliorer cette liste, je vous laisse me faire des propositions.